Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dr. Mohler on Reading

Dr. Mohler’s latest post at the Together for the Gospel Blog is a great read. The best line is to pastors regarding reading occasional bad theology to keep up with the latest heresies: “Be brave and go into a Christian bookstore.” I was in a big Christian ‘marketplace’ last week with a man from our church. I always forget what vacuous places they are until I walk around again – thousands of book and there’s nothing there! In June, 2004, I had the opportunity to shop at the SBTS bookstore (Dr. Mohler’s school). What a treat! They had some schlock – for the purposes of research, don’t ya know – but tons of good theological books.


Patti Hobbs said...

I guess it may behoove a pastor to keep up on all the recent heresies, but there's so little time. Although I admit myself that I'd like to research one in particular, but that's because there are so many people around me that are involved.

I think it's weird that one can go into the local Barnes & Noble and find more Christian books of substance than in the Christian bookstores.

stauf46 said...

Good point, Patti

Dr. Mohler said that Christians should spend very little time reading bad stuff. Sometimes, in particularly instances (as you indicate) we have to 'go to the source.' It's too bad we can get so many of the 'sources' at Christian bookstores!