Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog

Nobody asked for any excuses, but here they are anyway. My blogging has been light lately because:
  • I’m too busy reading other people’s blogs

  • I’ve been reading the political news more closely lately. Certain events lately may even drive me – Mr. Formally non-partisan – to post a political opinion piece.

  • Our church annual meeting is coming up soon

  • After many years I’m following hockey again because my son is into it this year

  • My preparation for preaching and Bible Study has been particularly challenging these past few weeks – Matthew on Sunday mornings and a systematic theology study on Wednesday nights. Matthew is a hard book to preach through, but rewarding (at least for me – there were several glazed over stares out in the pews at about 12:05 last Sunday).

  • I have some excellent new books to finish (I just ordered three more yesterday).

  • My late night blogging hasn’t materialized lately. By the time everyone else is in bed, I’ve been pooped enough to join them (that is, join them in the practice of going to bed, not join them in bed – all six of us would be a little crowded).

I still like blogging, but it’ll have ebbs and flows as life happens. I’ll keep throwing stuff out a few times a week, but sometimes – like tonight – it’ll be weak. It was a dark and stormy blog. Suddenly, a post rang out . . .  (Courtesy of my 13 year-old son from the supper-table conversation this evening).

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Ian said...

Well, I'm glad that you're still blogging, even if it is sparse some times!