Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mom Update

I spent a couple of hours with my mom at the hospital this afternoon. Her name is Pearl Stauffer and she is 81 (thanks for asking, Ian). At what age do most women not care about the public broadcasting of their age? I think I’m safe at 81, especially with my mom!

I was surprised – she’s a lot better than I would be given the circumstances! She was bright and positive and didn’t complain. I’m thankful that she is doing so well. The rest of my family is rallying around her very well – she feels appreciated.

She thought her surgery was really interesting, as she was conscious throughout the procedure (they froze her lower half). They replaced her left hip ball, the socket was still good. She said she was able to detach herself intellectually and listen in as an observer. Shudder. I’m a wimp. Even though the recovery is a drag, I think I’d go with the general anesthetic!

When I say that I wouldn’t do as well, I have evidence. A few years ago I had surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon. Just ask my wife how bright and positive I was after that surgery.

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Ian said...

Thanks for the update, I will be sure to keep Pearl in prayer.
I marvel at how previous generations have such an ability to adapt to pain. My mother is a classic example -- she's as tough as nails. I'll never forget the day she her wisdom teeth out. I came in after work, and she was cleaning the stove!!
I think that the lives they led really has a lot to do with it. If you've lived through a world war, if you've had to suffer through massive loss, if you have to ration food, etc., then I think you have a greater sense of resistance to hardship.
I'm way too much of a wimp. Maybe I need some outside source to whip me into shape.

I'm glad to hear that your mom is in good spirits. I trust that she will continue to be!