Thursday, November 17, 2005

Embarrassment of Riches

There are so many books, articles, and blogs to read; so many sermons, lectures and interviews to download and listen to, and so little time. Now Monergism has only compounded the problem. They have a new Hall of Contemporary Reformers which includes links to books, articles and audio – some of it available online. Choice stuff (alright, that’s a totally 80s word, but I mean it in the “cream of the crop” sense). Beauty (I’d better hurry up and put a disclaimer on the bottom of my blog for the sake of my poor church people who want to distance themselves from me right now).

Anyway, back to the embarrassment of riches problem. I am very thankful for the excellent resources available online. I do need to work on my time management in order to get through all the books I have waiting for me.

I do have a good time to catch up on my growing MP3 collection – I have just starting going to the gym. I haven’t had a membership for a couple of years, but we have a brand new facility that Juanita and I are trying out (BTW, Juanita has been very faithfully going to a gym for a very long time). We can’t go at the same time because of home responsibilities, but we’re both going in the morning.

I’m listening to a series of messages from the Desiring God 2005 Conference. The theme is Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. Very significant stuff. Highly recommended. DGM is so good at sharing resources online. I am thankful. I should really write and tell them that I am thankful.

Another thought regarding Monergism’s Hall of Contemporary Reformers: I must admit that I’m a little nervous about a hall of living heroes. Fine guys all, indeed – they’re great choices. I have, however, some advice from John Piper echoing in my brain: “Get yourself a dead hero. Dead Heroes can’t let you down” (that’s not an exact quote, but that’s the idea). Moral failures and theological derailments are not limited to the flaky crowd in evangelicalism. I expect none of that from these fellows, but still . . ..

Juanita and I are headed to Canmore tomorrow for our annual Pastor’s and Wives Retreat. We’re going to be late because we’re going to an important court date in Edmonton tomorrow. That’s another story altogether (and no, I’m not in the dock).

I’ll blog from Canmore if I find free high speed at the hotel. If not, I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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