Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Calgary Details

Our house is listed (though there are still a few little fix-up things to do) and we are getting more used to the idea of moving to Calgary in about six weeks. It is much easier to talk face-to-face with people about the nature of our new ministry as there are still lots of unknowns and possibilities that will unfold after we begin. I don't want to go into much detail on the blog, but I do want to fill my few readers in on the basics.

The plan is that I will join the elder team at Calvary Grace Church of Calgary. The other elders (currently four, though one is relocating with his family for further education) have a diverse mix of employment besides their elder responsibilities and I will be looking for work as well. It will be a different model, but we like what we see very much and trust that God will use us for His glory in this new situation. Check out the church's website for more details.

We are praying for a suitable job for me and wisdom regarding where to buy a house in Calgary. We're trusting that God will provide a buyer for the house here and all that we need for next steps. We are also trusting that God will soon bring the right next pastor for Edson Baptist.


Dan Sudfeld said...

Not claiming to be a prophet or the son of a prophet... but I got it, bang on. Knowing that Brock was moving and hearing about your pending move... well, I just put two and two together.

This sounds like a tremendous opportunity, Terry. Will pray that you find a suitable job, one in which you will be able to use your pastoral giftings, while still earning a supplemental income. Putting you together with Clint, Jeff and Paul - Calvary Grace will have itself a very godly leadership team.

stauf46 said...

Thanks, Dan! Good guess, though you know both the Calgary connection and me well enough that I won't accuse you of prophecy.