Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Gospel Connections

A variety of things today kept pushing me to think about Gospel connections. The Good News of the person and work of Jesus Christ has implications for every area of life - it really is "of first importance."

I am preparing a Bible Study on the beginning of 1 Timothy. The Apostle Paul did not insist upon sound doctrine because he was an academic perfectionist. Because he was called and sent by God to bring Good News to the Gentiles, he was compelled to stay on message. It was God's love that compelled him. He knew by revelation and by experience (in that order) that the Gospel is the power of God in the lives of everyone who believes.

Whether it's facing suffering and loss, everyday parenting, overcoming sin and temptation, or being a witness at work, getting the Gospel right and keeping it central must be the first priority for every Christian.

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