Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Psalm 62

I've been negligent with posting my messages. Truth be told, my last two messages didn't get recorded. We were away on April 5th and Resurrection Sunday was a baptism - the recording got lost in the shuffle.

I have posted a message on Psalm 62 from November 9, 2008, my first Sunday back in the pulpit after Emily's death. I didn't have the heart to jump back in to Ephesians, so I did some other stuff for a few weeks.

I understand that a couple of reporters were present for that service. I didn't meet them. In terms of news, I'm sure they were disappointed, but I hope the seeds of the Gospel bear fruit.

I will be posting some reflections on our 9 days back East very soon. We hit the ground running when we got home!

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Paul Van Stralen said...

I was wondering when you'd post about the conference. I can't wait to get home to talk about the conference over a cuppa joe. Did you know that you can make a file window from I can't really explain it, check out our church blog, the box where we have our bulletins posted.