Monday, April 27, 2009


Great messages have been made available online this week. I already linked to the SGM Pastors Conference, but the Gospel Coalition Conference took place in Chicago last week. I watched live streams of a couple of the messages, but plan to listen to them all soon.

Due to a gracious offer this weekend, our church is on the verge of getting a website up and running. We've had a host and a domain for a while, but now it looks like we have the budget for professional developing.

Last, and least, my latest message (Hebrews 1:1-4 part 2) is up as well.

** Update - Links for my message, both in this post and in the widget, have been fixed.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but do we have to sign up for box in order to access the messages? The link doesn't take me right to the sermon, maybe because I'm computer illiterate too..

stauf46 said...


You shouldn't have to sign up for to use this. If you click on the link (or General Sermons on the top right of this blog), you should get to the list of sermons.

If you get to, right click on the sermon and select "download" to save the file to your computer, or just left click it to play it.

I'll try to do this on a different computer just to make sure it's all working okay.

stauf46 said...

Okay, there was a problem, but I fixed it. I don't know why the URL changed, but what do I know?


Christopher said...

Terry, Thanks for putting up the link for the Gospel Coalition Conference. I've listened to John Piper's and Marc Driscoll's messages thus far (their styles are completely different btw. hehe) and have been blessed...particularly with John Piper's message.

I wish I could have joined in person....despite not being a Pastor. It must have been a real encouragement to have the opportunity to share with fellow servants of Christ your experiences including joys and pains of being in the ministry. I'm happy you were able to go!

Greetings from Finland!