Saturday, May 26, 2007

First 10 Meme

This looked like fun, so I thought I would play along. As usual, I'm rather late, but who cares? You can visit Rebecca's site for a description of what this is (and find links to other people's lists). These are the first 10 things that came up on my iPod when I shuffled the songs:

1. Glory Be To God On High - Sovereign Grace Music, Savior
This is a Christmas Album, but I left a few songs on my Nano because I like 'em. I really dig this whole album, but some of the songs are more seasonal than others.

2. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go - Indelible Grace
I have Indelible Grace 1, 2 and 3. I'm going to get 4 some day. These hymns are great.

3. I Come Running - Valley of Vision
This is not my favorite song on this CD, but the CD is fantastic.

4. Child Training - Bruce Waltke Proverbs Messages # 12
These messages are really old. This was when Dr. Waltke was just getting started in Proverbs, which is saying something. They are very helpful for my Proverbs series, though. It is interesting comparing these to his Commentaries, which are quite recent.

5. How Can I Keep From Singing - Chris Tomlin
When we first got a Chris Tomlin CD, I put this on my iTunes. I've since decided I don't like him much. I may be doing some housekeeping soon.

6. Love Them Like Jesus - Casting Crowns
I received a gift certificate for Christmas (thanks, Ian and Sarah) and I bought this Casting Crowns CD. It was a pleasant surprise - I like it!

7. Wisdom's Inheritance - Bruce Walke # 6
See # 4 above.

8. Whate're My God Ordains is Right - Indelible Grace
A profound song. I've thought since I first heard it that it would be a good one for our congregation to learn. We haven't done it yet. Some people wouldn't get it, but it would be good to have in the mental database for times of crisis.

9. O Come and Mourn - Indelible Grace, For all the Saints
Our family thinks that this song is too bouncy for the subject matter. Having said that, it is a great song on a great series of albums.

10. John Neufeld at the Refocus 2007 Conference
John Neufeld is the pastor of Willingdon Church in Burnaby, B.C. A few of us went to this conference in April and were very glad we did. After his breakout session, I went up to John and said that I was amazed to hear a Canadian, big church pastor talk like that! I was quite impressed. May his tribe increase.


John K said...

What??? You don't like Chris Tomlin? :)

I do like him, probably not because of the reasons you don't, but in spite of them. I find him to be not very deep, theologically, or perhaps I should say, not very full. Not wrong, necessarily, but he just sort of seems to write in soundbites. His songs seem to be written in point form, never fully expressed. They seem to me to be performance songs, rather than deep and meaningful worship songs. They will never be known as "hymns, even in the 'modern' sense that I think of Graham Kendrick or Stuart Townend, for instance.

stauf46 said...


I agree with your comments, but my reasons are very shallow - it's just personal preference.

For example, I like Jars of Clay, even though I don't have a clue what they're saying half the time.