Sunday, May 06, 2007

7 Random Things

Apparently there's a "100 random things about me" meme out there somewhere. The only one I've seen is the 7 things version. That's okay, 100 is about 93 too many.

1. I was born and raised Mennonite - Northwest Conference, to be precise. My parents left the church in about 1977, but went back to a NWC church in Vernon, B.C. for my dad's last few years. My grandpa Ezra Stauffer was a noted Bible teacher, apparently. He even has some articles in "The Mennonite Encyclopedia."
2. I was totally freaked out by "A Thief in the Night" when I saw it at church (Hillcrest Mennonite, in Grande Prairie, Alberta). So, does childhood trauma explain my current bent towards Amillennialism? Inquiring minds undoubtedly have better things to do with their time.
3. I'm wearing a funky shirt that came from Sri Lanka. My older kids think it's weird, but I don't care. I like it. It was a gift from Niluka, just today. Thanks, Niluka!
4. I bought an 8 gal., 2.5 h.p. air compressor with a bunch of tools (a Canadian Tire bundle) at our Christian school auction yesterday. I paid $110. They were offering it in a recent C.Tire flyer for $250. Should I feel guilty about this?
5. I used to be able to do weird tricks with my super-flexible hands (the only part of me that was ever particularly flexible). Now that I'm older, my hands just do normal things; they just hurt when I try to do weird things, so I don't.
6. I used to love bombing down logging roads (?!) on my mountain bike when we lived in Barriere, B.C. The rides up were lung busters, but the trip down was worth it. I came down like a maniac. I'm amazed I didn't kill myself.
7. I still get bike fever every spring, to some degree. No, not for mountain bikes (I still have one of those), but the kind with irresponsible horsepower. I've owned a 1973 Honda CB350 (the 350/4); a 1981 Suzuki 55o and a 1982 Suzuki 750E. I sold the last one in about 1991.


Patti said...

Interesting about your Mennonite background, Terry. I was influenced by The Late Great Planet Earth--maybe that explains my a-millenial tendencies. You could have used your super-flexible hands for something like....piano playing!

stauf46 said...

Hello Patti!

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, my hands were never very coordinated. I've often thought that being able to play would be nice, but that would take discipline.