Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is Where I Am Right Now

Orford, Quebec.

I am a board member for the Fellowship French Mission, and this is where our board meetings are being held. I hit the road at about 3:20 this morning and it is now 10:10 Quebec time. Vancouver is just about to start their game with the Stars.

Too bad about the Penguins, though I hope the Sen's do well. Even worse news for the Sharks re. Cheechoo's knee. Hockey's a tough sport.


BugBlaster said...

Next time arrange a layover in Hamilton so we can meet!

Dan S. said...

Please don't tell me you've jumped on the Canucks bandwagon. I suppose being out east, you didn't stay up till 4 in the morning watching the game. Quite the battle of attrition. GREAT hockey.

I have always found the first round of the payoffs the best. You actually have all 20 guys trying, instead of a few coasting as in the regular season. And the teams are relatively fresh, as opposed to the rest of the playoffs where everyone is half-injured and tired. Both games I watched yesterday were extremely entertaining.

Now back to the work of the ministry.

stauf46 said...

Mr. B.B.

We're having our National Convention in Hamilton in November. I think I'll probably be coming on my own, but I'd love to meet you folks. How far are you from Hamilton?


Of the Canadian teams, I would root for Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver in that order. If they're all eliminated, I'll root for Pittsburg (after last night, that may not be an option!).

momto2 said...

Hey Terry ... didn't realize you were headed to Quebec. Have a good trip.
Is Dad with you?

Bonnie said...

That last comment was from Bonnie & Darryl ... not sure why it came up with the momto2 name it usually says "Bonnie".

BugBlaster said...

Hi Terry, I thought I had already answered, but it is not showing up...

We live about a 40 minute drive southwest of Hamilton, and would be very pleased to meet up with you.