Tuesday, April 10, 2007

40 Minutes Wasted?

No way! We met Bugblasters challenge!

Why John 16:16-19, I'm not sure. I'm sure we'll pay better attention now if he posts on it. It's never a waste of time to memorize Scripture. Josh is better at it than I am, and this challenge was directed at him. I did okay, though, for a rusty old guy. It took me all of the 30 minutes to memorize that passage, though.

The important thing is that the City of Champions will get the respect it so richly deserves.

So both the Esks and the Oil missed the playoffs, they still have a rich tradition of winning.

And there's always next year!

And we'll be waiting for that promised post, Mr. BB.


BugBlaster said...

Back in 1990, my pastor's wife was memorizing the entire book of John (wow!), but she was stumbling over this section, with all of its repeated phrases.

So you're saying I would have won if I'd given you five fewer minutes and challenged just the old guy instead of the bright young prodigy?

stauf46 said...

That would have worked, probably.

Having me recite it again the next morning would have worked too.

Starla said...

Hey I live far away, but my favorite hockey team is the Maple Leafs, how are they doing, did they make the playoffs?

stauf46 said...

The Leafs, Habs and NY Islanders were in a horse race all the way to the end of the regular season. The Islanders made it, and the Leafs and Montreal were left out in the cold.

It was a grievous loss for the Canadiens, but it was a moral victory for the Leafs: They don't often get this close ;-)

BugBlaster said...

The Leafs went into a mini tank at the end of the season.

And Terry you spinner, they've usually made the playoffs in the past fifteen years, but this is now two years in a row they've missed.

BTW, the Oilers are now 17 years and counting... I hope the quizzing nerd doesn't have to wait as long as all the loyal leaf fans!

Quizzing Nerd said...

Well, the Leafs only made the playoffs before this because there was no salary cap before, and they could load up on veterans. See Gary Roberts, Brian Leetch, Ron Francis, etc. But now they actually have to draft and develop players like everyone else to survive, and they're not doing a great job.

17 years with one Cup final in two years in the capped NHL. Not bad. How many times have the Leafs made the finals lately?

stauf46 said...

Hey, Josh is my go-to guy for Hockey. You tell 'em.

And Buggy, you have to know something to spin. I'm just tease from the fringes.