Saturday, September 02, 2006

There's a Fly in My Kettle
(and other random thoughts)

I got a new PDA yesterday. I used to have a Sony Clie' (Palm software), but I wore it out. I decided to replace it with a Windows Mobile device, and settled on a Dell Axim X30, which I bought on EBay. Yesterday I sold the Dell on EBay and my new Palm Tungsten E arrived (refurbished - it is a discontinued model, though the E2 lives on).

I can confidently say that I'm a Palm guy now. I love the speed, the interface and the battery life. I feel like I'm "back home" with a Palm. Staples included a case and a 12v adaptor with the thing which, at $149.99 was already a great deal.

So what does the fly have to do with anything? Like most people, I have a morning routine. I imagine that I am more serious about my coffee than most people. I'm still frugal, so I don't buy the coffee beans I really want, but I don't buy the cheap stuff, either. I am currently using Kirkland (Costco) espresso beans (not bad ...). I put Brita filtered water in my kettle while I grind my beans. I make my coffee in a French Press.

We're getting to the end of the worst of the flies around here (canning is all done), but there are still a couple. There was one on my kettle this morning, but I killed it, Gretzky like, clapping where it was going to be instead of where it was. It fell right in the kettle. I hate flies. They're so inconsiderate. I had to pour out my filtered water and start over again. Poor dear, eh?

I know, that wasn't a very good story, but I wanted to use the title.

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