Friday, September 08, 2006

New Links at New Lumps

There are a lot of good blogs out there. I have found a lot of useful messages, articles and ministries via blogs. It is also encouraging to find a group of thoughtful, doctrinally sound believers out there, particularly when I can interact with them and even meet them.

There are only a few favorite sites that I visit regularly. Sometimes they link to other interesting sites and blogs, but I try to stay within a manageable network of blogs (there are millions of them). One of the ways I do this is by subscribing to feeds. I have been using Bloglines, but I’ve just installed Sage for Firefox. I like what I see so far.

If you are unfamiliar with feed readers, what they do is keep track of updates on blogs or other websites that are equipped with the apparatus to tell a reader that something has been added. By using a reader, you can simply glance at one page (or a sidebar in Sage) to see what is new. You don’t have to go to each blog to see if there is anything new. In addition, you can also just read or scan the posts right on the reader.

My regular reads have been in my links for a while, but there are a few that haven’t made it there yet. Some of the links that I’ve had on my list will take you to blogs that don’t get updated very often (I shouldn’t single anyone out), but I’m going to keep those links active as there is still good content on those sites.

My most recent additions are as follows:

  • Kim at the Upward Call is a thoughtful homeschool mom. She is also the wife of Bugblaster. A pretty cool team, those two!
  • Rebecca at Rebecca Writes makes living way up north in Whitehorse look almost attractive. Almost. She also writes great biblical / theological posts. She is highly recommended by Tim Challies, which is no small thing.
  • I don’ t know how I’ve missed having a link to Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds. He’s really in tune with worthwhile links around the blogosphere. He also posts more often in a week than I do in a month. Okay, two months.
  • Another basic link that I didn’t have is for R.C. Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries. They’ve recently updated their site and it is very nice.
  • I’ve been linking to Cowboyology since the beginning (way back in November), but Clint and his wife Christel have joined forces at Blessed Union. They are both excellent writers that have the ability to say a lot in a very few words.
  • I’ve saved the best for last. I know I already announced this, but let me say once again that I’ve added Juanita at Jam and Books. I must say that it is fun reading my wife’s blog. One day we might have as much fun at this a Buggy and his Princess!

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