Friday, September 23, 2011

Rejoicing in God's Provision

This was a productive Friday. The house is officially sold and I signed a job offer. We have found a house we really like in Calgary, and a couple others that we could be happy with, so we are very thankful.

I won't say more about the job just yet (unless you ask me in person) because I do still have to do a medical exam before it is official. It looks very good, though.

In this relatively short time, I have had a taste of what being unemployed feels like. There are many people that have been looking and waiting for a decent job for a very long time. Economic conditions are quite good in this part of the world, but in many other places there are high unemployment rates and the "working poor" not quite making things work on too little income.

We do feel humbled and very blessed at God's good provision.


richard said...

Can we do coffee next I'm in Calgary? I'd enjoy that!



stauf46 said...

That would be great! Do you think we can find a coffee shop in Calgary?

John K said...

Congratulations Pastor Terry. I am working my way out of Edson as well. Should be done by early October. Can we get together for coffee before then? I know a coffee shop in Edson.
PS: I was accepted for the Alpha position. Will be transitioning to full time over the next few months. Raven is paying me full time in the interim. God is Good!

Keith Porter said...

I lost your website when our old puter went down, finally found it again and lo and behold you're moving on, closer too. Might see you more often.
Want to let you know that Myrna and I are still praying for you, Juanita and the kids. Enjoy the good memories, they are Jesus' blessings to us to keep us close to our loved ones til we meet again at His throne.
I sent a message to your address at the old church before I found your blog again. God bless you and keep you all. Keith and Myrna Porter