Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, that was quite the adventure.

In the middle of the night on Sunday night - the wee hours of Monday morning - Juanita took me into the hospital in Edson with heart attack symptoms. By noon on Monday, I was in cardiac care unit in Edmonton's Royal Alexandra Hospital. Until Monday night, they were treating me for a mild heart attack, though my pain was getting worse on Monday afternoon and evening.

After an angiogram on Monday night, I received the good news that there was no blockage and no damage to my heart. I'm very glad they rushed that test! I have a virus in my pericardium and the inflammation caused the symptoms. They put me on good ol' ibuprofen and I feel much better. I have to wait for the virus to run its course, but I can anticipate a full recovery. I'm quite tired and a little sore still, but very thankful.

We have been reminded once again of God's goodness, particularly expressed in the kindness of His people. We are humbled by the expressions of concern, the visits and the practical help. If you were a part of that praying, caring, helping crew, thank you!

I was very impressed with the quick and excellent medical care I received. There are legitimate stories out there of problems with our system, but my experience couldn't have been better.

So, I'm home again as of about 25 minutes ago. It was wonderful to tuck the girls in (and say "hello" to Josh) and it is great to be home again.

The Dr. was quite adamant that I take it really easy for a while, so I should stop writing and go to bed.


MagistraCarminum said...

Excellent to hear this update, Terry! We have been prayng and will continue to pray that the virus runs its course quickly, and that you will rest as needed!
Chris and Dave Finnegan in NM

Dan Sudfeld said...

Wow! That sounds like it was an adventure indeed. Glad to hear it turned out alright. Lord bless you, Terry.

scott mckenzie said...

glad to hear it Mr. Stauff!
I can imagine Josh appreciated the hello!

Charlene said...

Praise God!

John K said...

Glad to hear you're OK. We misssed you last night, but prayed for you of course. Thanks be to God it was not what you originally feared.

Nancy said...

And there's no place like home! Thanking God for such a good diagnosis and great care. Appreciate the update.

Clint said...

I trust that your time 'out of harness' as Spurgeon would say, will allow you to recover fully, and even a measure of renewal in the 'inner man'.

Grace, dear brother.

richard said...

Glad to hear all is well, Terry. Take care of yourself, brother.

Grace and Peace.


stauf46 said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

I'm finding it quite easy to take it easy as I'm still really tired. I'm working on some long-overdue housekeeping on my computer - low stress stuff only!