Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Creation in Spurgeon

A few of us in the church are working through a course by Dr. Greg Beale on NT Theology. It has been very profitable. Dr. Beale's "Big Idea" for understanding the Bible is "New Creation" (see Dr. Beale's "Bible in a sentence" summary here).

I just discovered a Spurgeon sermon from about six months before he died. If he hadn't died in 1892, I would have thought that he had been reading Dr. Beale's notes. I love the way he applies New Creation themes for both now and for the future Consummation.

The older I get the more I appreciate the great older teachers like Spurgeon, Matthew Henry and many others. They really make my heart sing.


John K said...

I can see what attracted you to Dr Beale's sentence. ;>)

stauf46 said...

You're right, John! Spurgeon certainly has that idea in his message, but he didn't use those exact words.

richard said...

So now we know where Beale gets his theology from, eh?

richard said...

When I was at Gordon-Conwell, professor Beale's classes were dubbed "Where the elite meet to exegete!" I was never part of the elite.

stauf46 said...

Hi Richard!

We're just wanna be elite in Edson, I guess!

"Already / not yet" is not a recent invention, even if the terminology is not very old. It's neat to see it throughout church history.

scott mckenzie said...

Speaking of Spurgeon and other teachers you've probably seen this site from GraceGems - it's audio resources from the old greats.

stauf46 said...

Hi Scott


And give that chili chocolate a real chance - it's an acquired taste!

scott mckenzie said...

ok - i guess if we end up coming out west this summer I'll have to.
: )