Sunday, November 14, 2010

Espresso and Chili Chocolate

It may sound strange, but it's a satisfying combination. A little goes a long way.

A real blog post will be coming along shortly.


richard said...

Hey, Terry

After our late supper with you the other night at convention my wife remarked: "You and Terry seem to think alike on many issues." I agreed with her then but this post really confirms it. I LOVE Lindt's Dark Chill chocolate. It's exquisite! Who cares that it requires its own line item in the budget?!

Elizabeth and I really enjoyed the fellowship with you, brother.



stauf46 said...

Thanks for the comment, Richard. It was great to meet you and Elizabeth. We'll have to make a point of doing that again.

We'll have to get together and have weird food and weird chocolate.


Cindy said...

I get a very hot cayenne chocolate candy at a local pastry shop called Rembrandt's. It is an awesome shop for pastries, chocolate and coffee. My family doesn't like the combo but I do.

scott mckenzie said...

woah - gross