Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conference Update

Just a quick note to follow up my "Conference Hopping" post from a couple weeks ago. We did indeed attend the "Goodness of the Gospel" conference in Calgary. It was excellent. A big thank-you to Clint and Company at Calvary Grace Baptist Church for planning and hosting the conference.

We had 10 people from Edson make the trip to Calgary and another 5 "Edson connection" people come to the conference. It was certainly worth our while!

I also went to the Desiring God Pastors Conference in Minneapolis. It was different going off on my own after having a crew at the Calgary conference, but it was good. The messages were great, and I met some folks that I hope to meet again! It was a rich time of fellowship.

I'm back home for a while now. Juanita and I are planning to attend the ReFocus Conference in Burnaby in April, however.

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