Monday, December 28, 2009


Every year I wrack my brain trying to think of a new idea for a Christmas series. There's nothing wrong with the traditional passages, and I probably preach on those every other year. Last year, I did a more traditional "Witnesses of Christmas" series, so this year, I wanted to do something different.

Our family went to a Michael Card concert last fall and he said something about God wanting to dwell with us, about what a wonder and encouragement that is. On the way home, Juanita and I talked about how that would be a good Advent sermon series, so, I stole the name from a NYC conference on urban church planting and the "Dwell" series was born.

The Dwell series was a flying tour of Scripture in five messages:
  • Dwell 1: In the Beginning - Genesis 1-5

  • Dwell 2: Children of Abraham - Genesis 15

  • Dwell 3: The Promise of the Father - Luke 24:49

  • Dwell 4: God With Us - John 1:14-18

  • Dwell 5: Forever With the Lord - Revelation 21:1-5
For those without the time or inclination to listen to these messages (totally understandable), I'm going to do a brief synopsis of each message here in the next few days

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