Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please Pray for the Barnes Family

Elizabeth Barnes, 18 year-old daughter of Pastor Ron and Susan Barnes, died on May 17th while she was on a trip to France. The funeral will be on Sunday.

Although I don't know this family, I think I can safely say that our family can identify with what they are going through right now. Their church, Grand River Community Church, is a Fellowship Baptist Church in Elora, Ontario. I hope and trust that their church is taking care of them as well as our church took care of us. I do know that our Saviour is able to sustain them.


Janet said...

My husband and I were privileged to attend Elizabeth's funeral today. It truly was a service that glorified God!

My synopsis can be found here:

It doesn't do justice to the blessing of attending the celebration of Elizabeth's life, but you can get a taste.

There were many people from many different walks of life in attendance. I'm certain that Elizabeth's family would appreciate prayers for the extended family - that the Lord would be gracious to them and rescue them, as He did so graciously rescue Elizabeth years ago.

Blessings to you from Ontario.

stauf46 said...

Thanks for your comment, Janet, and the update on your blog.

We will pray for the Barnes family.

star said...

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