Thursday, October 16, 2008

Outlines From Two Significant Services

When Juanita and I considered songs and Scripture for Emily's funeral, the order of service fell together very quickly. My dear wife wrote a few things down - choosing mainly from Emily's favorites - and the following structure took form.

In Christ Alone
Welcome, Announcements and Prayer – Roy
Psalm 42 – Doug
When I Survey
How Deep
Terry & Juanita
Slide show with "It is Not Death to Die"
Message – Allen Hern (Papa)
I Know Whom I have Believed
Postlude - Josh K.

While this day is still very fresh, I will make some comments about the individual elements:

In Christ Alone This song gave us courage to make it through the service - particularly our part in sharing about Emily's life
Welcome, Announcements and Prayer – Roy This was beautifully done. We're glad we asked our friend to do this, even though we knew it would be hard for him, too.
Psalm 42 – Doug Stauffer Juanita and I read through Psalm 42 and 46 together on Monday morning. We decided on Psalm 42 because it just seemed appropriate. We were thankful that my brother agreed to read it.
When I Survey - Emily had the first verse of this hymn posted beside her bed.
How Deep - From the Valley of Vision. Emily loved this song and played it on the piano along with other SGM songs at our September Communion service at church
Terry & Juanita - God gave us grace and strength to be able to speak clearly and boldly. I believe our contributions complimented each other well.
Slide show - with song "It is Not Death to Die" played on CD. See also my previous post. Lots of tears at this part. We're thankful to friends who made the slide show happen.

Message: Ephesians 2:8-9 – Allen Hern (Papa) We thought of Juanita's dad for the message right away. He preached the Gospel, and we are thankful. Josh, Juanita and I quickly agreed that these are Emily's favorite verses.
I Know Whom I have Believed - This is my favorite "traditional" hymn - it is a family favorite, and a favorite of our church family as well.

Postlude - Josh K. - Emily's piano teacher played a beautiful piece that Emily had been working on. This was just the right way to finish.

I would be remiss not to mention the excellent music team that our church put together. It was made up of our leaders, and they did a fantastic job. We are blessed.

Though our church has been very gracious and found preachers for me, we still want to be at church. Our first Sunday back was October 5. The song leader, who shall remain unnamed, did a wonderful job putting together the song package. My friend Jim from Edmonton did a fine job on a message from Job. This service will be close to our hearts for a long time. I'm not going to do the links and commentary on each part, but I'll make brief comments.

Edson Baptist Church Order of Service for October 5, 2008

This is my Father’s World --“though the wrong seems oft so strong. God is the Ruler yet
Not Be Shaken
Welcome and announcements
Call to Worship – 2 Corinthians 4:7-5:10 - This was breathtaking Prayer
He Giveth More Grace (to a new tune)
How Firm a Foundation - David Powlison presented a moving message on this hymn at Desiring God 2005
I Will Glory in My Redeemer - a rich, satisfying modern hymn - in any circumstance
Offering – Offertory: “It is Not Death to Die.”
Scripture Reading: Job 13:1-22 – Brian
Pastoral Prayer: Brian
Kid’s Song: Jesus Loves me – dismiss preschoolers to Jr. Church
Jesus I Come - Indelible Grace version
I Need Thee Every Hour
Abide With Me
Message: Jim R. – Job 13
Closing Song: For I Know My Redeemer Lives
Benediction: 1 Peter 1:3-9 – Brian

This was an overwhelming service, but in a good way. I felt that I needed to go home quite soon after the service, but we are all glad that we went. It was a rich service.

I had a history professor in seminary that said, "Young people today are not learning songs in church that they can sing at funerals." That is often true. I'm glad that's not true at our church.


Elizabeth Edgren said...

We are a TPS family, acquainted only slightly with Emily. We have been praying for your family these past few weeks. I have been struck to the heart, encouraged and challenged by your blogs, and considering your faith and life. God is so faithful, and we know He will continue to hold you up, to carry you and to use you for His glory while you remain in Christ. Thank your for sharing your journey with us.

Cindy Marsch said...

Terry, I'm a Classed mom blessed by your sharing the details of these services. Our oldest, Abby, had "This is My Father's World" as one of her two graduation hymns. "And though the wrong / Seems oft so strong, / God is the ruler yet!"

Anonymous said...

Terry, the service was just beautiful and a wonderful tribute to such a lovely girl. I run through the service in my own head a few times every day (I Know Whom I Have Believed is also my favorite hymn) and I can assure you it spoke to us, too. Thank you for this post.

I am still holding you all close in my thoughts and constantly in my prayers. Wishing you His peace and comfort.
Love you all,
Your sis, ruthie.

Dan S. said...

Thanks for sharing that, Terry... very moving to read your comments on the services, can't imagine what it would have been like to be there... still praying.

Jonathan D. Groff said...

Very beautiful Terry. I agree with that last quote you have by your professor; I was glad I grew up in a church that still did a lot of hymns.

You are still constantly in our thoughts and prayers.